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VoxTrail Platform – Aasma

GPS Technology has served a boon in the segment of safety, security, and surveillance at a global level. Not only making the environment safe but it also has been the main catalyst in deploying employment opportunities for mankind. The GPS business runs satisfactorily on 3 aspects: - Device (hardware), Software (web application) and Mobile App. A businessman like me is fine with attaining these 3 aspects on a low-cost basis. But, if we want to expand the business at a national level, then we face certain hardships in the form of:-

  • Marketing
  • Networking
  • Less Revenue
  • Stock overflow
  • Insurance cost
  • Installation cost
  • Human employment cost
  • Service Maintenance cost
  • Maintaining more than one applications

But do you know we have an advanced solution for this. Gurgaon based niche brand – VoxTrail Software Solutions is a catalyst in providing such a platform – Aasma at a national level to all the existing and upcoming aspirants of GPS Solutions. I am a valuable associate at VoxTrail Software Solutions: B2B Platform – Aasma whereby I enjoy the following benefits into my GPS Business:-

  • Elimination of the pain and cost involved in services, maintenance, and repair aspects at any point of time and place.
  • Expansion in sales as business is taken at a national level.
  • VoxTrail Software Solutions also provides marketing support which also leads to an increment in the client portfolio and networking with different projects.
  • Resource Sharing is been done at a minimal cost and time period thus making it affordable to use.
  • Business commencement and running is done at a smooth level keeping in mind a big picture.
  • Networking through Aasma helps us in doing the trading at all corners of India with a peace of mind.

Integrated with VoxTrail Mobile App and VoxTrail Software, Aasma is brand makeover technology whose main motive is to increase your sales and your manpower at a wider level with Artificial Intelligence configuration and real-time route mapping technique. In order to make the complete process, VoxTrail Software Solutions provides a package of three software that too free of cost namely:-

  • Lead Management System
  • CRM
  • Software & App White labeling

Ever since the beginning, being a part of VoxTrail Software Solutions has been a great experience for me and as well as for my company U.P. GPS Secure Tech which has an excellent turnover rate in the last two years. My investment in VoxTrail – Aasma project is a boon and add-on to my business revenue generation and expansion on a national stage. Definitely, VoxTrail Software Solutions is a transformer of my business.